1 Dollar Around The World

Posted by Viktoriia Rabcheniuk | June 26, 2017

Have you ever wondered what you can buy for 1 dollar in different spots of the world?



For 1 dollar in Croatia you can get a pretty nice scoop of ice cream!

South India

In Soutch India you can get unlimited servings of rice with rasam, sambhar, curd, and papad



One dollar in Vienna would allow you to buy a freshly baked Kornspitz. This is a delicious bread roll, which would give you a special taste of Vienna.


Well this offer is priceless: for 1 dollar you can get 30-45 min of foot massage (!).


In Nepal you can have a quite nice dinner, which includes ten units of dumpling and a 250ml of coke.


Just for your information, nothing.


Oh well, Vietnam gives you a chance  to choose how you would spend your dollar. You can buy either 1 hat,  DVD, 5 noodle packages, 2 pairs for flip sandals, or even a a meal at some cheap food place.

You also get to see this beautiful nature around for free, duh!

Middle Italy

You can buy 1 l of heap wine (but it is not rec commended) and 1 kg spaghetti. If you actually dare to buy wine, then find another friends with a dollar and make also a spaghetti for a dinner.

Costa Rica

One papaya,  one watermelon, and one pineapple, sound really healthy and delicious!


Seems like Costa Rica, Phillipines and Vietnam are the winners! And what do you think?


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