10 Gifs That Show Your Erasmus Experience To Well

Posted by Halima Benslimane | May 18, 2017

Erasmus Semester is fully of adventures, parties, tours, crazy nights, and memorable moments. So, let us to remind you the brightest moments of your Erasmus Experience!

First Experience in Grocery Store

Either you go to supermarket or grocery store, you feel lost. You do not know what you are buying because you do not speak a local language. The only way how to figure is its look, so you just ignore all the canned and packed groceries. You also smile and thank God when you find English translation of the ingredients on the product label on the back.

Main Question On Any Erasmus Event

Of course, the presentation or workshop about web design is super exciting, but where is the food, anyway?

When A Person Speaks To You Local Language

When going on Erasmus program, you have really high hopes that locals speak English. Therefore, you do not actually learn any basic words and expressions and when a local asks you anything, you probably say just “yes” and you look like Winona Ryder when accepting SAG Award:

When Tasting Delicious Traditional Food in Foreign Country

Erasmus semester is all about eating delicious food. So, do not go to simple restaurants but truly dig deeper into traditional food. You will not regret it!

Spotting an Amazing Architecture on Erasmus

It is either Krolewskie Lazienki in Poland, Eiffel Tower in France, or Stone Carving in Cambodia, you feel literally satisfied with the fact that you are standing next to it and about to learn about its history.

Doing Homework The Next Day After Party

Erasmus parties are crazy, but obviously they cannot last long. Therefore, after a heavy drinking and dancing, you wake up with a thought that you should also do some studying on Erasmus program. Unfortunately, your body does not agree with you  as everything what your brain thinks of is:

Spending Whole 10 Minutes Studying Without A Break

Well, no words are needed here

Procrastination Mode On

You promise yourself every time you procrastinate not to procrastinate. But the truth is that you cannot help it and just live your Erasmus life to the fullest.

When Leaving Erasmus Friends

You probably made lots of international friends during your Exchange semester and it is sad to realize that you may never see them again.

Buying Present For Parents

Having a strong desire to share with your family the most of your experience, you end up buying lots of sweets and other traditional food.


Does any of these situations sound familiar to you? What else did we miss? Comment below!

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