10 Movies to Watch Instead Of Studying

Posted by Halima Benslimane | April 27, 2017

Do you need a break from a long period of exams? Or don’t you want to study anymore? (YES!) Maybe it’s time to cut out a bit, to get comfy with a cup of tea, and watch movies.


We are happy to present 10 movies to watch instead of studying!

1. Pursuit Of Happiness


It is an inspirational movie, which is about the perseverance of a man to achieve his ambitions despite all the difficult obstacle. It is one of the inspirational movies for students; perhaps it will help you to get some motivation and you will finally achieve that desirable 100 score on the exam.

2. The Social Network


This movie retraces the circumstances of the creation of the most popular social network Facebook.

3. Star Wars


It is a science fiction saga of 8 movies about intergalactic wars between the Jedis and the Siths. It is very intriguing story and once you watch one of the parts, you will not be able to go back to studies any more and wikll spend the whole night watching this masterpiece!

4. Back To The Future


This is another classic saga that you must see during your student years. This is a science fiction comedy about a teenager who went back in time into the high school years of his parents and helped them to fall in love with each  other.

5. Forrest Gump


This is a really nice movie to watch about the life of a slow witted man, yet with very good athletic skills, who had been through many remarkable events in USA.

6.The Other Woman


 When the guy is cheating on his calm and loving life, there is usually nothing she can do to revenge him. Yet, when two other girls, with who he has been cheating on her, unite with her, the movie should be filmed!

7. Mrs Doubtfire


It is a moving comedy about a father who is ready to do anything to stay close as much as possible to his kids. He tries his best even  after the divorce with his wife and even if it includes metamorphosing into a woman.

8. Howl’s Moving Castle


If you are a fan of Hayao Miyazaki anime, you must watch this movie! It is about a young girl cursed by a witch, which made her turn into an old lady. Yet, she does not give up and ready to start her first adventure leaving her family and home.

9. The Intouchables


This French comedy is a beautiful story of a very rich disabled man who hired a man from the suburbs to take care of him. It’s just amusing to see how two people from two very different worlds get along.

10. Dead Poet Society


It tells the story of a poetry teacher who does hie bet to inspire his students, who are the elite of the school.

Do you know any other great movies worth watching instead of studying? Share them in comments!

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