10 things You Can Do Instead Preparing For Your Tomorrow’s Test

Posted by Viktoriia Rabcheniuk | May 9, 2017

This is a list of things you can do instead of studying for your tomorrow’s test. You are screwed anyway.

For a record, Pepe Housing is not involved in discouraging students to study or motivating to procrastinate; we believe that this is the list we all can relate ourselves to (hehe).

Chat With Your Roommate

When actually preparing to the test, you can have a short break and have pleasant chats with your roommate. Do not forget that during Erasmus program, being able to communicate with other international students is a great opportunity to learn.

Go For a Walk

Fresh air and the noise of tree leaves will help you to relax. You can also take a bike and let yourself to ride along the streets of beautiful Erasmus city. Have some ice cream or gofry waffles with nutella; this is way better than sitting in your room and studying.

Watch Your Favorite Movie

What can be better than comforting yourself with delicious movie snacks and your favorite movie, which will always place you in a good mood. Grab some more Erasmus friends and organize a movie night. Make memories! Nobody looks back and remembers nights of studying!

Test Your Culinary Skills

The majority of us can look back and recall the times, when you do not really want to study and end up cooking in the kitchen. From nowhere you get that inspiration to actually open new recipe and try it; obviously, the finish line is that you watch TV-show or sit comedy after you got your self-made snack.

Just Fancy

Well this is actually something that happens with everyone, when reading a boring textbook for example. Like 2 minutes ago you have been reading about psychological consequences of peer pressure and now you are thinking about buying festival tickets and what clothes you should wear there. Erasmus program is not only about studying, right?

Go Shopping

Shopping either for groceries, clothes, office supplies, or perhaps other things you will never EVER need is another activity you can be involved in instead of contributing time in your future success.

Decide to Write a Book

You already have enough time to think of your life and how interesting it might be for other people, if you wrote a book about it. This is a moment when you try to write a book about your life one more time after 100500 efforts have already failed! Why not?

Play A Lottery

…because this test may decide your entire future and who does not want an extra chance to win a million dollars with the chances of 0.00000000000000001!

Realize You Have Wasted So Much Time

You have being procrastinating the whole day instead preparing for the test, you are screwed, and have no motivation to start studying in midnight; this is a perfect chance to look back at this day and realize how much time you wasted. If you have been waiting for a moment to cry, that is it..

Have Some Sleep

Just because you deserve it. It was a hard and a long day after all.


What do you do instead studying? Comment below!

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