11 Great Habits You May Pick Up After Erasmus

Posted by Viktoriia Rabcheniuk | May 11, 2017

Where did you pick up your best habits?


Either you are doing your Erasmus Internship or Erasmus program in University, you actually find yourself being fully surrounded by so many different things, which may subconsciously influence you. Constantly interacting with locals or internationals, being involved in various events, living with foreigners, and exploring different culture may change your  lifestyle. So, what are those great habits, which Erasmus students may pick up?

Getting Up Earlier To Do More Stuff

After 2 weeks of Erasmus exchange you will notice how fast the time passes. You wake up, go to university, come back, have dinner, go to Erasmus Party, and then go to sleep. Replay! For this reason, you may want to change your day routine and actually enjoy the experience of being in another country. Getting up earlier will give you some more time in the morning to cook some healthy snack for lunch, do yoga, clean up in the room, or even have a refreshing run in park. Lovely!


Experimenting With Food

The majority of exchange participants will definitely characterize Erasmus semester with gorgeous and delicious traditional food of exchange country. After first bite of new tasty dish it will be probably very hard to resist to try more specialties of the country. Coming back home you will be happy to finally eat your favorite traditional food; yet, this desire of tasting something new will not leave you for a while.

You may actually end up experimenting with food on your kitchen in attempt to cook something similar you ate during Erasmus Program. Your another option would be going to different food places in your country where cuisine of different countries is offered.

Trying to Participate in Any Event

Erasmus events and gatherings are so much fun to attend because you get a chance to meet different people from around the world, learn about other culture and traditions, and make new friends for life. After coming back home you will also try to be active in your local community in hope that something interesting and fun will happen and it will be as much fun as on Erasmus program.


Being On Track With Festival/Concert Dates

Erasmus community is crazy and wild! Young people want to learn, that’s true, but what they also want is to have fun after long hours of studying. Erasmus students know what festival will happen soon, what kind of popular bands are coming to the city, and when the fun will take place. Erasmus experience does leaves that print in your soul, which will periodically remind you of need to attend another crazy festival, which is being organized.


Having Movie Nights

Living in Erasmus flat and sharing a flat with a foreigner has its pros and cons. Yet, just for the record, one of the best reasons to share a flat with awesome roommates is movie nights. What can be better than watching old nostalgic movie with a foreigner and spending another hour for discussing it?

Well, you may invite more Erasmus friends you already made on that awesome event you attended couple days ago. You will end up sitting among all those interesting people who are passionate to share their opinion about everything. Having movie nights at home is not that bad too; invite your friends and make it a tradition!

Drinking Coffee/Eating Energy Bars

Erasmus semester may turn out to be tough with homework assignments. That is why your brain will need extra energy to help you deal with final exams and tests. You start drinking coffee and having different snacks to survive the days with many assignment. In contrast, back home you will consume those things as a habit or another reminder of your fun Exchange program experience.


Having a Day Nap

Again. There is no point to be repetitive with talking about lots of homework and things to do. You need a good nap in a day time and there is nothing wrong with that. You had a long and tiring day..or not. It does not matter, you need a nap.


Giving Up a Bad Habit

Giving up a bad habit like smoking weed may actually turn out to be a habit to have a healthier lifestyle. If in Erasmus country smoking weed appears to be negative perceived and you are a big fan of that, later, negative comments may make you reconsider your habit. All in all, you look at it from different perspective and get a feeling that it is time to quit.

Going For More Adventure

After participating in Erasmus program, students grasp that adventure-loving spirit and want to go further instead coming back home. Therefore, are looking for another opportunity to go abroad, explore the world, and grow both professionally and personally.


Preferring Walking to Transport

Being an exchange student you are constantly involved in lots of excursions, tours, and other things, which make you walk so much. It is good for your health and the best thing is that it slowly turns into a habit. After having a rides on a bus back home, you will feel like lacking some movement and activity.

Managing Your Budget

When in your country you may not track your expenses as they are regular and the same all the time,  the expanses abroad  should be recorded and watched.  The thing is not only in price difference but also in things for which you spend your money. Either you go out, on a trip, or just shopping for clothes, it is better to  visualize expenses in order to control how much you spend.

After taking a careful look at the list of things you have being buying for a month, you may notice that you have spent more money for coffee than for regular groceries for example.  Such smart treatment of money will help you to be not short on your budget. Later, you will realize that you also start doing it at home, which is not bad for you at all!


Did you pick up any good habits from your Erasmus semester?

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