#4 Is Definitely Every Student Dream Job!

Posted by Halima Benslimane | May 24, 2017

While studying, you are probably asking yourself how your job will look like in a future. You think of boring offices, strict suits, and in time lunch and it does not make you feel good. Well, Maybe then it is not for you?

All around the world you find regular jobs that are popular in all the countries, like doctors, nurses, teachers, carpenters, or construction workers. In addition to that, there are some jobs so unusual that when you get to know about them, you cannot believe they actually exist.


The “Nose”

It is a person working in the perfume company and his most important tool is his nose. This person usually smells a multitude of fragrances to check the balance and the dosage to make the perfect perfume. It actually happens that this person also smells deodorant under armpits.

Professional Snuggler

If a person feels really alone and just needs some interaction with another person but in a sweet way, they can call a professional snuggler and have a cuddle session as long as they want. In addition to cuddling, the client can have a chat or play chess.

Bed Warmer

In luxurious hotels, customers find warm comfortable beds as soon as they arrive to their room. It is not a coincidence because there are special employees in the hotel who are rolling in the beds to make them warm.  Well, we are okay with the snuggler…but this does sound weird.

Professional Sleeper

Companies, which produce beds need to check the comfort. That’s why they need professional sleepers to see if the
beds are comfortable enough. Isn’t it a dream job for a student? (Yass!) You make money when sleeping!

Chicken Sexer (Is it even a word?)

This is an unknown job but it is very common to find these people in many countries of the world. Their main task is to check the baby chicks if they are males or females and sort them.

Professional Mourners

In some cultures, it is believed that if you don’t mourn enough someone who passed away, his spirit will come to haunt you. That’s why in some countries, it is popular to hire a person who will mourn the deceased person.


You may need this person a couple of times during your Erasmus semester. They are people walking with stun guns and hitting others with electroshock  to sober them up after a long partying night like this one:


Would you like to have on of these jobs? Share in comments your thoughts!

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