5 Ideas How To Spend Birthday In Warsaw

Posted by Viktoriia Rabcheniuk | May 26, 2017

Erasmus program is a great setting for celebrating such beautiful occasion as Birthday; you are in a different country, with so many new friends, in the city where parties do not stop, and fun never ends. Warsaw!


Here are 5 ideas how you can spend your birthday in Warsaw.


Get Your Belly Full!

Warsaw is a city with an amazing variety of places to enjoy food. It really does not matter whether you want to try Asian or Italian cuisine, Warsaw can offer you numerous options with delicious treats. There are also several birthday restaurants, which can make a birthday cake for you! Invite couple of your friends, book the table, order tasty stuff, and have a pleasant conversation sipping rich in taste beer or wine. Lovely!

Go Extreme!

Are you into extreme? If yes, then spend some money for your hobby. The choice is Warsaw to do something extreme is not that big, but you still can go skydiving, jump with parachute, or even participate in expeditions through abandoned forts, climb chimneys, and walk on bridge spans with special groups of people.

Party Hard!

Well, this is obvious that Erasmus student also wants to party. Lucky you! Warsaw is city of parties, events, gatherings. If you are into partying with Erasmus students, you should definitely check out the ESN Facebook Page of your Erasmus University, to know what kind of parties you may have in upcoming time.


How recently have you taken some days off and spend some time out the country? Long time ago? Then your Birthday can be the best excuse to go to Maldives, Cyprus, or Canaries! You do not even need to take your friends but spend some time alone on your own.


Are you looking for any places to go for your birthday? Well, yes, this is similar to get your belly full option but the idea is not the same. Having barbeque in one of the Warsaw’s parks can be one of the most relaxing things ever! The weather in Warsaw can be changeable, but there are days when it is too kind to people. Pack you stuff: blankets, grill, some tasty things, and frisbee. Invite friends, roommates, your Erasmus buddies and have one of the best gatherings you could ever have for your Birthday.

According 30 People I asked how they spend their birthday, from the compiled answers I got:

  • Not clean or cook
  • Having a nice dinner with friends
  • Get crazy and party
  • Rent a bike and have a trip in natural environment
  • Have a surprise party with family and friends
  • Having a trip to another city
  • Rent a hotel room and have SPA procedures there
  • Do crazy stuff (as bungee jumping)
  • Rent a movie and eat pizza whole evening
  • Watch favorite TV series for one night with a partner and food
  • Go on Vacation
  • Go for shopping and take advantage of birthday discounts
  • Go to to beach
  • Go to amusement park
  • Stay in bed all day in pajamas, eat in bed, and enjoy the most relaxing birthday ever


And what do you like to do on your Birthday?


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