5 Shocking Facts About Fidget Spinners

Posted by Aksen Semak | July 7, 2017

Surely you have heard about fidget spinners. They are EVERYWHERE right now. If you are a 10-year old kid and you don’t have a fidget spinner, then something is wrong. Even though everyone knows what a fidget spinner looks like, very few are aware of some secrets hiding behind this incredibly viral toy.

Catherine Hettinger, the inventor who first patented the toy in 1997, could not afford to renew the patent in 2005. The fee was $400; at that time, Catherine considered this to be too much of a luxury for a useless toy. Who knew that it would turn out into a worldwide sensation.


In 60 U.S. largest schools, fidget spinners were banned for distracting students from studying. Some still think that spinners help students focus on the task, but real-life evidence shows different results.


As a fidget spinner spun its way all over the world, more companies have started shipping or even producing these little toys. If you go on ebay.com or any other platform, the price may start at $2 and end at almost $700 per single spinner!


If you think that a fidget spinner is the safest toy on the plant, you are wrong. Guess what, they can explode! In the U.S., new Bluetooth-enabled spinners caught on fire while charging via wireless connection.




The record for the longest spin was set by Jeffrey Fred. He managed to spin a toy for 6 minutes 52 seconds. The record hasn’t been broken yet.


Share below your fidget spinner stories. I’m sure you have some weird friends/siblings who would trade their tutition fee for a bag of fidget spinners.

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