5 Spots To Visit For Fearless People

Posted by Halima Benslimane | June 8, 2017

Every person after Erasmus program still wants to go somewhere further. How far? 


Sunny Cyprus and beautiful Italy are not attractive anymore; so get ready to know about some creepy places around the world!


Isla de las Muñecas (Mexico)

Number one in our list is a legendary The Island of The Dolls. This is basically an island full of creepy dolls hanging on the trees with black eyes, broken hands and legs, dirty clothes on, and decapitated heads.  The story behind such place tells that a little girl drowned near the island in weird circumstances. The man who was taking care of the island and who found a girl, also spotted a doll (apparently belonged to the girl) and hanged it on the tree. Later on, the man has been collecting and hanging terrifying dolls over the entire island in respect to dead girl’s spirit. Locals believe that the spirit of the girl lives in those dolls and consider the place a charmed spot. Tourists who come there also bring the dolls and keep the tradition on. This is not the place of ultimate danger, but God, you wish not be there in a night time!


Sacro Bosco (Italy)

This park was created in order not to please visitor’s eyes  for sure. Everyone who enters the park and sees the sculptures and figures there is astonished. No one knows the origin of the monstrous statues and as many other Mannerist works of art, they have a very deep symbolism. Every sculpture makes you truly wonder what story behind each of them is.  It seems like if you enter place through the statue in the picture below, something will happen (as in every adventure/horror movie).


Aokigaa (Japan)

It is also known as the Suicide Forest or Sea of Trees. The place got its bad reputation from locals who believe that it is home for ghosts of the dead. In 2003, police has found 105 bodies in the forest when in 2010 more than 200 people tried to commit suicide there. In order to eliminate the perception of the the forest as a creepy place where many people commit a suicide, the authorities even agreed on not telling the people the numbers of found dead there each year.


Danakil Desert (Ethiopia)

The desert is one of the most dangerous places in the world. People who have been there call is hell on the Earth. People who love risk and are eager to be in dangerous environment are gladly packing their stuff and getting tickets there. There is literally lack of oxygen for breathing because of volcano surface releasing poisonous gases. It is minimum not healthy for human body to travel through Danakil Desert as it is so easy to step on sleeping not so well volcano and get poisoned with dangerous gases.


If the previous places would make you horrified with its quiet horror, Danakil Desert will make you think that the Forest of Dolls was not that bad.

Mutter Museum (Philadelphia)

It is odd to talk about that but this creepy place actually charges you 14 dollars to enter and get some shock. Mutter Museum is a dream place for maniac and dignity of medical scientists. This place is full of various parts of human body in its every disgusting way with the worst anomalies. Here you can find wax woman-unicorn, slice of a human face, bedbugs extracted from a patient’s ear, or cut human feet. Impressive to hear, disgusting to observe!


Which one of these places would you like to visit? Share your commend below 🙂


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