7 Cool Things Every Travelling Student Needs

Posted by Viktoriia Rabcheniuk | June 29, 2017

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”.

Travelling abroad can be a piece of cake and full of joy, if you are really organized and have the things that make your trips easier and more pleasant. That is why in order to help you to organize your next trip while you are being on student Erasmus program, we prepared you the list of cool things that will make your travel experience better.

A Unique Map

It would look really awesome if you could have memories from travel abroad not only on pictures but also on map.  You can put it in your room at home and pin every place you have been. Such map would give you a broader view how much of the world you have discovered and how much (much much more) is left!

A Travel Diary

This idea is a good fit for those who like to describe their travels to the tiniest details. In addition, you can also do there little scrabbles and stick to the pages tickets from the trips.

A Polaroid

It is awesome to have a nice camera so your memories will be captures in the highest quality and the best light. Yet, what makes the travels even more special is those pictures from Polaroid, showing the whole idea of walking in the morning along the beach, partying with friends who fall asleep with a bottle of wine, or having a beet with another  stranger-traveler in another country. Polaroid here is no replaceable.

Power Bank

It is not possible to have your phone with full battery when everything around is so beautiful and attracting! Travelling as a student involves lots of parties, events, and other things attended, therefore having a camera ready to click is important.

Travel Size Water Bottle

Instead buying water bottles, which cost a fortune in touristic areas, it is better to get one you can reuse. In this case you will always have it in your backpack and never feel thirsty again during your trips.

A Perfect Sized Backpack

Bottle water, travel documents, food, blanket, pillow,  extra clothes, and other things you need for travelling should all fit in your perfect sized backpack. It should not be of the best brand but the one, which can make your time abroad better.

Maybe Not Cool BUT Basic Travel Necessities

As these things are really small but important, we have put it under one category.

-sleeping mask

– hand sanitizer




-mp3 Player/phone


-travel pillow


-cosmetics kit


-sun protection


are all the things you most probably will need when traveling. These are your travel specials you may want to check out before going on another adventure.

Stay safe and travel smart!


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