Amazing Spots The Majority Of Travelers Do Not Know About

Posted by Viktoriia Rabcheniuk | June 12, 2017

This post is not about romantic places of Paris, lovely spots in Rome, or any other classic destination people usually go. It is about hidden jams all over the world, which will make you to give it a thought visiting them next time when planning vacation.


Coming back from Erasmus program, you find yourself not sitting at home but going somewhere else. So if you are the one who likes exploring new places which are rarely talked about and recommended to others.


Blagaj in Bosnia and Herzegovina


When everyone is talking about Norwegian nature, others already enjoy Blagaj’s wonderful landscapes because they are breathtaking! This is not the place where you want to stay inside and relax, but the one which makes you wonder and amazed with every travel.

Samos-Kokkari in Greece



This amazing place is an island and a home for Pythagoras and Epicurus. Every corner of the island is full of colors, beauty and light, which every student will consider a paradise on the Earth.

Uakačina in Peru



This small (from this angle at least) but spacious and alive place attracts its tourists with unusual location and different attractions. Just beautiful.

Civita di Bagnoregio in Italy



This forgotten by everyone place in Italy seems not that noticeable as Rome does, for example. But it is a mistake to compare  Civita di Bagnoregio to Rome, because it has its own personality.  It is a city, which is admired for its architecture spanning several hundred years.

Bohinj in Slovenia



Bohinj is attracting people from the different spots of the world with its  Lake Bohinj, which  makes  a perfect view of the nature around.

Santana in Portugal



If other come to Portugal because of beautiful beaches or other classic attractions, Santana will bring to your attention  unusual homes with sloping triangular rooftops, and protected with straw. Such special design gives Santana its uniqueness and makes the city stand out among others.

Do you have any hidden gems you want to share with others? Comment below!


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