Best Places To Go Out in Wroclaw

Posted by Viktoriia Rabcheniuk | February 10, 2017

Have you ever been wondering where to go out in Wroclaw  either for sushi, pizza, coffee, kebab,or just for a regular meal and drink?

Pepe Housing team would like to give a couple of recommendations where to go out in Wroclaw!


Best places to eat sushi

If you would like to eat some good sushi in Wroclaw, make sure you check out such places as:

  1. Sushi Corner, ul. Włodkowica 12a (menu)
  2. Szajnochy 11, ul. Karola Szajnochy 11 (menu )
  3.  Sushi Naka Naka is another good one, it is located on ul. Ołtaszyńska 92e (menu)

sushi 1


Best places to eat pizza in Wroclaw

Did someone just say “pizza”?! I surely did! For pizza lovers, we have also prepared 3 places, which we would recommend you to stop by:

  1. Happy Little Truck, ul. Kazimierza Wielkiego 39 (menu)
  2. Piec na Szewskiej, Szewska 44
  3. Pizza Mobile, ul. Bajana 1  (menu )


Best coffee places 

For a calm atmosphere and nice cup of coffee in Wroclaw you can go to:

  1. Central Cafe, Ulica Sw. Antoniego 10
  2. Cafe Vincent, Oławska 8
  3. Bema Cafe, ul. Boleslawa Drobnera 38


Of course not only coffee is served there, but also different sweets like pies, pancakes, and others. 

Kebab King

If you have been in Poland for a while and have not tried kebab yet, then all the days were waste of time! Unless, you are a vegetarian, then this rule does not apply to you.

Kebab King in this category is considered to be the best place to enjoy a kebab! In addition, they also have other great offers, which will leave tasty memories of your Erasmus semester in Poland. The menu is available here.  

Kebab King in Wroclaw – Świdnicka 24 /26



Ideas for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner in Wroclaw
If you would like to  enjoy some delicious food for a reasonable price, you should definitely go to
such places as:

  1. Dinette, ul. Powstańców Śląskich 95 (menu)
  2. Di, ul. Powstańców Ślą­skich 95 (menu)
  3. Szynkarnia, ul. Św. Antoniego 15 (menu)

good price

Wroclaw Nightlife
Nightlife in the city should also be interesting, therefore you should check out such Wroclaw clubs  and a cocktail bar as:

  1. Bezsenność (Insomnia), ul. Ruska 51 (Pasaż Niepolda) , Old Town
  2. Cherry Club, ul. Kuźnicza 10 , Old Town
  3. Incognito Cocktail Bar, Address: pl. Solny 11 (Customers call it “the bar with best cocktails in Poland”)


If you know more good places in Wroclaw to go out, share with us in comments below!

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