Erasmus Story #1 Wen Tan

Erasmus Story #1 Wen Tan

Posted by Szymon Chmiel | March 22, 2017

Wen Tan from China, 23 Years old.


My host university in Poland was Collegium Civitas  and my home university is Sogang University in Korea. I’m a graduate student majoring in International Trade.

When choosing a place to go for Erasmus, to be honest, I was unfamiliar with Poland before.  I came here mainly because my home university has cooperative relationship with Collegium Civitas. Yet, I feel lucky that I went here for my program.

There are not many stereotypes about Poland in my country. Before I came, all I knew about Poland is about Madame Curie and Chopin. But gradually the more I got to know about this country and people, the more I like them. As I see it, most Chinese people are not familiar with the country, polish people, and their culture. With more communication and interaction, I think Chinese and Polish people will build closer friendship.

“I totally enjoyed this semester at my school and my stay in Warsaw.”

Firstly, Polish people are so nice and this is what impressed me the most. Since the first day I got here, I’ve received a lot of help from them. Two guys helped me carry my large suitcase and a girl told me how to use the bus ticket. Every time I meet someone in the apartment elevator they’d say “hi” to me and give me a warm smile!

Secondly, food here is quite cheap, comparing to Korea, haha. As for food recommendation, I had some decent polish food in Folk Gospoda, Zapiecek, and Manekin. I don’t remember exactly the name of the meal I had but it’s a kind of roast ribs. That was really good!

Last but for the most, it’s so convenient and cheap to travel from Warsaw. I bought a lot of cheap flight tickets; for example,  2-euro ticket to Gdansk, 8-euro to Sweden, and 20-euro to Paris.
I also really liked the place where I stayed! The location is perfect: near the center and only 15 minutes walking distance to my school and the shopping center. There’s a supermarket just 100 meters away from the apartment, I went there everyday to buy some food and fruits. For the apartment itself, it’s not big but good enough. I had a small kitchen and everything needed. The room has quite adequate daylight and enough space for my stuff.  Pepe Housing team was so helpful!

Wen, thank you for interview. It was great to meet you!

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