First Experience in Supermarket Abroad

Posted by Halima Benslimane | May 23, 2017

This post is dedicated to those people who can relate their first supermarket experience abroad to an adventure of the life!

Stepping in a supermarket abroad, it may appear to be similar one you have seen or absolutely different, which will make your first experience there unforgettable.


Is That A Supermarket Or A Liquor Shop?

Sometimes, entering a shop in a foreign country you may find it to have so much alcohol offered, that the impressions of liquor shop will immediately pop up in your head.

For example,  in Poland, it is very popular to find 24 hours opened shops that are selling drinks, some small groceries, and snacks. The amount of alcohol there is pretty big and usually alcohol shelves are the first to catch your attention. You start thinking that this might be an alcohol shop, even without checking other sections in the end of the shop, where usually other groceries are placed.

When You Have No Idea What The Product Is

That Erasmus semester promises to be memorable if you try food you have not eaten before. In supermarket abroad you can come across few products that you probably have never seen: unusual vegetables or some typical Polish specialties like pickled cabbage or frozen pierogi.

Even if it is a jar or a can with a picture, which you cannot see through, you have no idea what it may be. First time you see “Czerwony Barszcz” in Poland: you either stay in peace with yourself and leave it where it was or you take it and try to go through the mystery.

When You Think It Is An Elf Language

The first thing you notice in a shop is that you do not understand what is written on groceries.  The brands are different from all you know because most of them are local. So, you just end up thinking that you will need to eat out all the Erasmus Program.

When You Need To Ask For Help

You can’t find a product that you really need so you have to ask about it. What you might not know, is that even if you expect everyone to speak English, it will not be true. For example,  in Polish supermarket there are few workers who can speak English. With your Polish language “skills” (Yes, that is a sarcasm), it might be not as easy as you think to ask about something. But hey, there is Google translate even with a voice option. Thank you technology!

When You Are Comparing The Prices

It is a usual thing to compare prices in a foreign country with those in yours.  You can be either positively surprised with lower prices or sad with higher ones. One of the best reasons to go to Poland for Erasmus program is that it is relatively cheap to live there. You can get to know there how good it feels that you can buy more pizza and cola for less money than what you used to.

When You Find A Grocery From Your Home Country

When you are abroad, you become nostalgic and sometimes may miss your country and all the things from it. You will experience real happiness once you come across a product imported from it and even if you didn’t like it
back in time, you will buy it and you will enjoy it like if you are eating it for the 1 st time.


What does make your experience in a supermarket abroad memorable?

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