How To Be A Perfect Roommate?

Posted by Viktoriia Rabcheniuk | June 20, 2017

If you are planning to participate in Erasmus program and you are a pure student in terms of budget and desires, then you need to deal with a fact that you are going to have a roommate.

In order to save money most of exchange students are looking for roommates. They have already considered all those reasons why it is amazing to have a flatmate and now are getting most of their exchange program experience.

Just agree that you are looking for those ways of how to find a flatmate, who will be perfect for you (or at least you could stand someone at your place all the time), but you are not thinking of whether you are a good person to live with. Got you?

What does the perfect roommate mean and how to become one?

Respect Quiet Hours

Your roommate, as any other student, needs to get some sleep; we bet you would not be happy if your roommate wakes you up after super-hard test or exam. Therefore, it is a good idea to set the quiet hours, so there would be no arguments and unpleasant fights.

Sleeping Girl

Clean After Yourself

Dirty dishes and clothes all over the apartment and especially common area? Not cool! If you really do not care that you live in such a mess, remember that there is another person who sees and probably even smells it. Living together requires discipline and responsibility, this shows that you can be not only a good roommate but also a good friend who does care.

Clean Room


Please do not be that person who puts sticky notes on everything you do not like about your place. The best option would be to talk in advance about who is responsible for what. Therefore, there would be not fights about cleaning the common area things. Also,  if you want the window to be closed – ask, if you want your roommate to take off the shoes before entering the kitchen – ask,  and if you want the wet towels be hanging on the balcony and not laying on the floor, guess what – ask!

Communication is a key to a good relationship and it is a two side road.

Friendly Conversation

Respect Personal Space

If you really love talking and sharing, do not expect others to like it as well. Try to identify whether your new roommate likes big companies or quality time alone. In any case, before asking friends over or having a part, you need to inform your flatmate about that and set the hours when you call it a night.

Party With Friends


Being an Erasmus student and having a flatmate is a great opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. That is why you should not take this opportunity from anyone. If you are having friends over your place do not ignore your roommate as s/he does not exist at all. Get your flatmate and friends introduced to each other, this is what polite people do. This is how people get to know each other, have fun during Erasmus program, and stay friends for future.

Students are communicating

The last but not least, try to put yourself in somebody’s shoes.  If you came back from university and you are dreaming of already cooked dinner at home, make one for your roommate once.  S/he also may be back from class and is super hungry (as all students). This will not be unnoticed; next time, you may get your dinner in return. Do little nice things to each other and your roommate should soon be your good friend.

Do you know any other good pieces of advice of how to be a great roommate or flatmate? Comment below!

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