How is it like studying in Spain

Posted by Aksen Semak | August 24, 2017

Spain. That beautiful country famous for being full of history, for it’s people and of course the gastronomy… but what about Universities?

I can only give you a personal perspective about what is like being a student in Spain but I hope it helps. I study at the University of Malaga (in southern Spain) and I’m about to finnish my bachelor in Psychology. From what I’ve experienced the people is just great, classmates and teachers, everyone is so open-minded and understanding, you can find really unique people. I couldn’t have found such a better group of friends to share this experience with, I don’t know if it’s because in my country we are more emotional or I’m not sure how to describe it but the friends you make at University will be like part of your family and be by your side your whole life.

Attending a Spanish University will mean having the complete experience: a quality education, a bunch of great friends, a lot of plans and new experiences… So I don’t know why haven’t you apply yet!

I though that maybe my sole opinion wasn’t going to be enough so I asked some of my friends if they could describe in a few words how is to study in Spain, hope it helps:

Mercedes Arenas (UGR, Granada)
I’m working already and all I can say is that I miss so much those days, I´ll always miss going to class with my mates and how much fun we had through those years

Pilar Bentabol (UGR, Granada)
You have to work hard, but it´s all worth it, I could´t have chosen a better place to study

Lucia Montesinos (UNAV, Navarra)
People is so welcoming and there´s a great atmosphere, full of energy… you have to see it to understand what is like

Fernando Jurado (ETSII, Malaga)
For the past years I have studyed like crazy but I have met so many awesome people… it feels like my second home

Alejandro Mora (UMA, Malaga)
I have a great bond with the friends I´ve made and some of my teachers; fantastic people that is making this journey a really fun and enjoyable experience

Marta Cano (UMA, Malaga)
Spanish people, we have a unique character and that´s something you can see everywhere, Universities included

Elena Sánchez (UMA, Malaga)
For people like me who have left their hometown to go to univerity, I feel really grateful because I have met new people that are my family now… It just feels amazing! And it makes going to class and studying a lot more fun

Alba Campaña (UMA, Malaga)
It is not always easy as you have to study sooo much and sometimes deal with the teachers, but in the end it is a 100% positive

Ana Puig (UE, Madrid)
It hasn´t been easy, a lot of studying, sleep deprivation but I´m about to become a doctor with so many great people around me…


by Cristina Lopez

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