How is it like studying in Taiwan

Posted by Aksen Semak | August 24, 2017

In this blog, you will find out how it is like studying in the capital city of Taiwan – Taipei.

First of all, if you love food, you are really going to have a tough time deciding what to eat everyday. Almost all universities have their own “food street” like the ones in shopping malls.  

SooChow University (my university)

National Taiwan University

FuJen University

Even professors understand that students mind auto shift away from class to thinking what to eat at 11:50 am, sometimes the class would end earlier before noon!

After class it’s more difficult to make a decision because outside of school the choices are unlimited!

“ShiLin Night Market”,   3km from SooChow University

“GongGuan Night Market”,   230m from National Taiwan University

“FuDa Garden Night Market”,   500m from FuJen University

Now the belly is full, it’s time to have some fun! Here are my favorite activities: 24h Karaoke.

Private KTV room (Ensuite toilet)

This is the place where you get a private room with friends, sing all night long and enjoy delicious buffet for only 10 Euros per person.

 24h Billiard Hall

There are around 50 billiard halls that never close in Taipei, they all have a nice student discount price for approximately 5 Euros/person for 5 hours per each table. 

24h Movie theater

This place is so cool because you can watch any movie you want at anytime and enjoy complete privacy for 6 Euros/person per movie, great place to have a date 😀

Last one, also the best one, the unbeatable All you can drink Night Clubs.

Babe18 Club in Taipei

There are around 10 nightclubs like this in Taipei, it costs 15 Euros/Men, 6 Euros/Ladies and you get unlimited drinks at the bar, beers, shots, cocktails absolutely everything! Some clubs on Wednesday offer Ladies night, all women can drink for free all night. Sounds like heaven, doesn’t it 😀

Maybe that’s a little too much night life, however, you can easily balance it by doing other outdoor activities like hiking, biking or going to the beach. Taipei is surrounded by many mountains and it’s only one hour by driving to the cost, anytime you want to relax, there are always many options.

YangMingShan National Park in Taipei city

BaiShaWan Beach in Taipe

Riverside Park in Taipei city

Let’s hear what my local friends say about studying in Taiwan:

Amber Wang

I guess she is more of an indoor girl, but still they sound fun!


Penny Neh

It’s nice to have a scooter to ride around Taipei !

Gabi Wang

Her answer is:

  1. Taiwanese food is cheap
  2. Convenient transportation
  3. People are allowed to drink alcohol on the street

I love what she said about the last one, it is something I missed the most while studying in Europe!

To sum up, there are various things to do while studying in Taiwan. Try to have fun and still be a good student at the same time is the best way to go!

 by Claire Chung

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