Skateparks in Warsaw

Posted by Szymon Chmiel | November 14, 2016
Skateparks in Warsaw

Skateparks in Warsaw

If you have come to Warsaw and you like rollerblading, skateboarding, cycling or riding on a scooter and you are looking for a spot where you can cultivate your favorite sport you are in the right place-we prepared a list of skate parks in Warsaw.

Skatepark Jutrzenka:

Location: Rozbrat 5

Indoor: Yes

Available:  For whole year, monday – friday: 10.00-18.00, and saturday – sunday: 11.00-19.00.

Price: 7zl on weekdays and 10zl on weekends.

Obstacles in the skate park: quarter, banks, long funbox with 2 jointed low walls and driveways and 4 steps, pyramid, walls, rails, ramps, wall.

jutrzenka skatepark 1                                                                                                   [source]

Skatepark OSiR Wawer:

Location: Poprzeczna 22

Indoor: Yes

Available: It is available from spring to autumn, 9.00 – 19.00.

Price: 5zl for 120min session.

Obstacles in the skate park: Bank ramp, Quarter pipe, Funbox with grindbox and handrail, Funbox for jumps, Spin ramp, simple rail, Grindbox.

Wawer skatepark                                                                                                             [source]

Skate park Bemowo:

Location: Wrocławska 25

Indoor: No

Available: Twenty-four-hour.

Price: Free

Obstacles in the skate park: Miniramp, quarter pipe, funbox with grindbox, funbox with rail, bank ramp, bench, simple rail, grindbox.


Warsaw Bemowo Skatepark                                                                                                [source]

Skatepark Targówek:

Location: Suwalska 13

Indoor: No

Available: Twenty-four-hour.

Price: Free

Obstacles in the skatepark: Bank ramp, Quarter pipe + roll-in, Funbox with grindbox, Funbox pyramid + grindbox handrail, Grindbox, simple handrail.

Skatepark Targowek                                                                                                        [source]

Skatepark AveSpot:

Location: Krakowiaków 80/98

Indoor: No


Monday-Tuesday-Friday: 10.00 – 19:00.

Wednesday-Thursday: 10.00-17.00

Saturday: 10.00-11.00.

Price: Free

Obstacles in the skatepark: Low Grindbox with angle, Average Grindbox with angle, Big Grindbox with bracket, Kicker, Pipe Square

Avespot-Skatepark                                                                                               [source]

Share in comment section below what kind of sport you “SK8” and what do you think about these skate parks.

We wish you great fun and remember to always wear safety gear.


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