Things to Do Before Leaving to Warsaw

Posted by Viktoriia Rabcheniuk | February 13, 2017

Going for Erasmus semester to another country, you feel really overwhelmed with lots of packing and millions things to do before the day of departure. You expect your Erasmus semester to be just perfect but maybe there are still some things that you forgot to do before arrival. Pepe Housing would like to present you the checklist of things to do before arrival to Warsaw.

Things to do before leaving to Warsaw

1.Pack smart! You do not want to forget your necessities while going abroad. Check out this article to know more what you should pack for semester in Poland. Do not forget about insurance, passport, and other important documents.

packing pic
2. Learn everything about the place where you are going to stay! Have the address, phone number, and other contact information before your arrival to the city. It will help you to get to the place much easier and in the case something happens, you know whom to call!

3. Try to learn the basic things about the country. Both verbal and nonverbal communication, personal space, religion worldview, and others are those important aspects you should consider before going to another country.

4. Plan your budget! It is important to know approximately how much money you will need to spend in Warsaw before arrival. Try to check prices on food, public transport, mobile internet, entertainment (cafes, concerts, cinema tickets, etc), and unexpected expenses. You can check out this article to get to know how much money you need to survive in Poland.


The topic about money leads us to another necessary consideration:
5. Make sure that you have an access to your bank account. You will need it while paying for transport, food, and other expenses. You can also have some polish money for the first couple of days (just to be able to buy what you need instead worrying about exchanging it).

6. Learn basic polish words! It is not only because they will help you in first days but also because Poles appreciate the effort!
Hi – Cześć (cheshch)
Good morning – Dzień dobry (Jen-doh-bri)
Thank you – Dziękuję (Jen-koo-yeh)
Good – Dobrze (dopshyeh)
Shop – Sklep (sklep)
If you would like to learn polish while being in Poland, you can check out our instagram, which will help you!
7.  Check out what is going on in the city! There are lots of things to do in Warsaw and you can get learn more about them as soon as you arrive. Yet, already knowing a great place to spend your free time in Warsaw is a great advantage, especially if this kind of place has great offers and ideas! Warsaw Social brings Erasmus students together! You can learn more about student gatherings, different workshops, cool parties, and other great events on their page.


8. Do not get really political or religious! Try to be tolerant and polite while talking on such such topics. The countries differ by their religion, politics, perspective, worldviews, attitudes and other aspects. Be ready to represent your country in a tolerant way.

And, the last but not least..

9. Check the weather on the first day of arrival, it can be either positive or negative influencer of your trip. Do not start your Erasmus adventure with a bad mood.


If you know more things to do before arrival to Warsaw, do not hesitate to share them in comments!





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