Top 5 Rooftop Bars in Warsaw

Posted by Natalia Kacprzak | August 8, 2016

Right now we can still enjoy the summer peak season. That’s why you should get the opportunity to share long drinks with your friends or date at one of the rooftop bars! Pepe Housing presents the list of places where you can enjoy beautiful view on Warsaw skyline.

warsaw skyline

Photo: Warsaw skyline [source]

Viewing Terrace at Pałac Kultury
This is a must do thing while staying in Poland. Located in the very center of Warsaw, Palace of Culture and Science, inaugurated in 1955, to this day is the highest building in Poland. The Viewing Terrace “Thirty” is located on the 30th floor and offers an excellent panoramic view of the city. We recommend to enjoy this view while drinking a coffee in the terrace bar.


Photo: The view from Pałac Kultury [source]

The View
The View Is the newest and hyped place on the club map of Warsaw. This club offers almost 1000m2 of unique area, consisting of two levels. The club is located on 28 and 32 floor of Spectrum Tower, one of the most modern office buildings in Poland, in the heart of Warsaw at Twarda street. Floor 32nd (rooftop) gives you 360 degrees view on Warsaw and the highest observation deck in Poland. It provides fun for almost 500 people.

the view
Photo: The View [source]

Level 27
Located on 27th floor of Millennium Plaza tower next to Plac Zawiszy, Level 27 was the first rooftop bar in Warsaw. This club is a space where you can choose between chilling out or partying until dawn. The exceptional panoramic view of Warsaw will make each sunrise and sunset magical while enjoying drinks and the newest music hits.

level 27

Photo: Level 27 [source]

Panorama sky bar
When it gets colder you can stay indoor and still enjoy beautiful view on Warsaw. Poland’s highest-located hotel bar invites you to a head-in-the-clouds experience. In luxury interiors of the Marriott Hotel the 40th floor restaurant offers delicious and splendiferous food and drinks all year long.

Photo: Panorama bar [source]

Moonsfera is a restaurant on top of the Olympic Center in Żoliborz. Here you will be served by the best polish chefs and fancy meals. Even though this place is far from the center it still offers a nice skyline and pleasant atmosphere.


Photo: Moonsfera Restaurant [source]

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