Ultimate Packing List For Erasmus Internship in Poland

Posted by Halima Benslimane | May 30, 2017

Are you  planning to have an Erasmus Internship in Poland this summer and wondering what to pack ? We have prepared for you an ultimate packing list for Internship Semester in Poland!


Appropriate Clothes for Internship


Going on Erasmus Internship Program, your first mission will be, of course, to do the internship and you have to be well dressed depending on what kind of job it will be. If it is an office job, you should bring more official style of clothes. Do not forget that the first impression means a lot and your clothes can be a great contributor to it. So dress properly and show your new colleagues that you perceive your internship seriously.

If your internship company does not require very official dress code, it does not matter that you do not need to have something extra for the big day of presentation, for example.

Leisure Clothes


Because you may not spend your whole time in the office, you need also to bring more laid back clothes. Summer in Poland is quit warm, so don’t hesitate to bring your summer clothes with you. You will probably spend your free time mainly outside, enjoying the sun and nice nature of the parks.



As the sun will strike hard, you need to protect your skin. If you like sunbathing, you should also bring special oil for sunbathing, which will protect your skin and make it safely tanned. Of course, you can bring beauty products (shampoo, shower gel, antiperspirant, perfume, creams, make up,…) with you or you can buy everything in the Erasmus Internship country.



Before leaving to Internship country to your new flat, do not forget to check whether the place has such things as bedding and towels. It is better to know in advance, so you would know whether to bring yours from home.


Adittionally, this list also will help you to figure out what you definitely need to pack, but maybe already forgot:

-travelling documents (passport, visa, etc)

-medicines you regularly take



-electronic book (if you have one)


Plan everything in advance: book accommodation, get to know where to meet other Erasmus students, figure out what documents you need for travelling and what to pack!


Did we miss anything? Comment below what you would take to your Internship abroad!


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