University Guide: Wrocław University of Economics

Posted by Viktoriia Rabcheniuk | February 9, 2017

Are you coming to Wroclaw for Erasmus Student Exchange at Wroclaw University of Economics?

Great! This post is dedicated to you! Below you will find all the information you need to know about Warsaw University of Economics.


Wroclaw University of Economics is ranked among the top economic institutions of higher education in Poland. As other universities in Poland, it is based on Bologna declaration. Therefore, thinking of the place to study in Europe, you should remember that this university applies the European Credit Transfer  System (ECTS) and issues Diploma Supplements recognized in the whole Europe.

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The university community involves more than 17,000 students, 780 academic teachers,73, 000 graduates and more than 300 foreign students each academic year. In addition, more than 120 study courses are offered in foreign languages. The institution offers study abroad programs and always welcomes international students.

The students of Wroclaw University of Economics are pretty lucky to have the campus as in this institution. The campus is well-equipped with modern facilities and in total has 40 lecture halls and 100 modern auditorium and workshop rooms. The university makes sure that the students are studying in a perfect environment for research and scientific achievements. If you would like to see how everything looks like around the University, you are welcome to take a virtual tour on official website of the university.

The university also offers 20 (!) sport disciplines training: aerobics, badminton, basketball, volleyball, handball, football, swimming, athletics, table tennis, uni hockey, rock climbing, ballroom dance, tennis, biking (tourist), triathlon, horse riding, track and field, skiing, snowboard, and skating.

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                   This is amazing! Every incoming student can find something of his/her interest. Wroclaw University of Economics also has its professional table tennis team. Who know, maybe you can become one of its members!

                   The library in the university has lots of library collections of different kind and interest for university community members. The library facilities involve two conference rooms, two seminar rooms, 15 kilometers of shelves in bookcases, 300 seats for readers, 100 computers, 21 cabins for individual work.

                 There are also student cafeterias, where launches, hot and cold drinks, and snacks are served. It makes it really easy for students to stop by and have a meal, instead looking for some place to eat around the campus!

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The Wroclaw University of Economics is located within a campus in the central part of the city, which makes banks, restaurants, bookstores, marketplace, mall, foreign languages center, grocery stores easily accessible for students.  It also means that it is really easy to get there by public transport. The precise address of the institution is Komandorska 118-120.

There are several landmarks in Wroclaw city center that you should not allow yourself to miss. Old Town part is like a heart of the city. In Wroclaw Old Town you can see Market square, which was totally rebuild from the pile of ruins. There are many colorful buildings, historical monuments, beautiful churches, and other places, which will help you to dig in polish culture.

Wroclaw City center, Market Square tenements


 Another part of Wroclaw, which is frequently called its soul is Ostrów Tumski. This “Cathedral Island” looks amazing both at night and during the day, so it would be such a mistake to miss the oldest part in the city of Wroclaw in south-western Poland. 




We hope your Erasmus journey will be formidable!


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