Walking Tour with Pepe Housing

Posted by Viktoriia Rabcheniuk | March 13, 2017

This Saturday Walking Tour around Warsaw district Praga was organized!

Even thought the district has survived World War II, Praga is still an attractive part of Warsaw worth discovering. During the tour, participants got a chance to see post-industrial remains, old chapels, wooden houses, and Jewish heritage.

Walking tour was not only a great way to learn more about Poland but also to meet other international students and get into interesting conversations!

Erasmus semester can be great because of wild nights in clubs, delicious dinner with new Erasmus friends, or laughing hard of funny or even awkward situations involving cultural differences. Yet, getting to know more about history and interacting with culture of Erasmus country is also contributing to memories about exchange program experience!

And.. of course you always know that in the end of any meet-up, excursion, tour, party, or trip you will all gather for a drink and will share your emotions and impressions together!

A good company is what makes Erasmus semester special!

Stay tuned because Warsaw has so much more to explore and we have so much to offer!

Thank you guys for an amazing company and our nice talks!


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