How To Work And Study Simultaneously?

Posted by Halima Benslimane | June 28, 2017

Nowadays, many students are studying and working part time or full time, depending on their university schedule. They are working to gain experience and at the same time to have some extra money. It is not easy to combine between the two knowing that you also need to revise at home. So here are several pieces of advice how to  work and study simultaneously?

Choose a Right Student Job

While looking for a job, you should apply wisely.  Make sure that you manage your university schedule. So, for example, if you have classes during the week, you should apply for a weekend job or an evening job.

In the case if you study during the weekends, you have more time to work during regular time and higher chances to work few days per week.

Take Advantage of Benefits

The majority of students are looking for a job to get extra cash, so if it is a case of yours, a great idea would be to get into coffee shop or a food place. Many restaurants provide free food and drinks for workers and additionally have offer decent discounts. Therefore, you do not only get extra money but also a delicious hot coffee in the morning for a good money.

Get a Job at Your University

Many universities are offering positions for students as a teacher assistant, in the library,  or in students’ organizations. It is perfect if you are studying in that university because your supervisor can be not that harsh on you about  working hours. You will also save time and some money on transport and uou will not have to always run to be on time for your job or for your class.

Make Plans Ahead

In order to be able to meet friends, talk to parents on Skype, or just read a book you wanted to read so long, you need to be organized. Get a notebook and write the things dawn; it will help you to remember your general schedule including job, studies, and other important things.

Eat Well

Nothing can make your day easier as good food that gives you more energy to handle your daily tasks. Get a lunch box and prepare your food the day before in order not to skip a meal. This will help your body to be always strong and ready to face your duties. You may also put some energy bars, nuts, and other snacks in your bag as a sweet source of energy.

Have Some Rest

If you only studied and worked you would have a breakdown. It is absolutely important to give yourself a rest and good time to relax. Take a day off, go for a couple of days on vacation, or just stay home to get routine things done (for some people it is relaxing). In order to be productive in both studying and working, your body should not be stressed.

Get Motivated

If you are already fed up with such a rush schedule, you still need to remember why you are doing this. It is either getting some extra cash for festival tickets, nice clothes, paying the tuition, or just for food to eat well. This should not be a thing that makes you will blue, but rather more confident and proud of yourself.

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