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Erasmus Story – Wen Tan

Hello! I’m Wen Tan from China and Im 23 Years old. My host university in Poland was Collegium Civitas and my home university is Sogang University in Korea. I’m a graduate student majoring in International Trade. When choosing a place to go for Erasmus, to be honest, I was unfamiliar with Poland before.  I came […]

Five Best Reasons To Procrastinate

“I am very busy doing things I do not need to do in order to avoid doing anything I am actually supposed to be doing”. Familiar? Procrastinating, or, in other words, avoiding/postponing the tasks due, has always been perceived negatively. People do emphasize that it is better to fulfill all the responsibilities and assignments first […]

Best 5 Snacks For A Movie Night

IF YOU GETTING  READY FOR A MOVIE NIGHT WITH YOUR FRIENDS, YOU MIGHT BE LOOKING FOR SOME GREAT MOVIE SNACKS IDEAS. Do you like organizing movie evenings at home with your friends? Do you want to impress them with some homemade movie night snacks, which are different from the classic delivered pizza or popcorn? Here […]

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