Comparison Of Student Dormitories In Warsaw

When choosing a place to live in Warsaw students are often interested in the cheapest options. However, it is worth remembering that price goes hand in hand with quality. Among all housing offers, the lowest price is definitely represented by public dormitories. In Warsaw, we can find a large complex of dormitories designed for students and interns. We can find private and public dorms. If you are not looking for a place in a dormitory but in a private room or the whole apartment, you should visit our profile.  

We decided to closely examine the entire range of dormitories in Warsaw, in order to choose the best place to live. 

We took into account many factors, including:

  1. Location: given that the capital of Poland is a large city, the location of the dormitory is worth noting. Its location near university campuses and public transportation is a guarantee of fast movement, which will pay off in saving a lot of time and travel costs. 
  2. Amenities: check out what comforts the dorm offers. The most important is full room equipment, including a comfortable bed, furniture, a large desk and chair, internet access, and full kitchen supplies.
  3. Additional facilities: like common space to socialize with the other dorm residents, study room/library, gym, and grocery store nearby.
  4. Costs: You should compare the cost of renting a room in different dorms if our budget is predetermined and we don’t want to overpay. The prices of public dorms range from 400zl-850zl, while private dorms are usually 1000-1500zl more expensive. If you are interested in cheap rent in Warsaw and looking for something besides dormitories check out our profile.
  5. Atmosphere: The atmosphere in the dormitory and among the residents is very important. Find out if there are any events or orientation weeks organized to integrate with other students.
  6. Security: It is worth finding out if the dorm has comprehensive security measures, e.g.; gated neighborhood, monitoring.
  7. Opinions of others: Thanks to the opinions of other students, we will learn valuable information that can not be found on the dormitory website. They can help us decide on the choice of the dormitory.

In Warsaw, there are two private dorms in the range of available dormitories, and the rest are public dorms. It should be pointed out that the private dorms stand out from the others in terms of the quality and standard of the rooms. Below is a comparison of the most popular dorm offers in Warsaw.

1) Warsaw University dormitories – public dormitory

The University of Warsaw offers accommodation in one of six Student Houses – they are located in different parts of Warsaw – 3 in Ochota, one each in Srodmiescie, Mokotów and Praga Południe.

Deposit (the academic year 2022/2023):

-a deposit in the amount of one month’s dormitory fee for UW students, Erasmus, MOST programs

-a deposit in the amount of one month’s dormitory fee for students of other universities

The offer includes: (rental prices for 2022/2023/per month):

  • Student House No. 1 “Muchomorek”

Location: 97/99 Żwirki i Wigury Street 02-089 Warsaw.

Prices of student rooms:

-room price: 1-person. – 604 zł/person.

-room price: 2-people – 529 zł/person

Dorm facilities:

TV room, quiet study rooms, game room, laundry room – extra charge 8 zl.

Room equipment:

beds with mattresses, desks, bookcases, chairs, refrigerators, and a built-in closet.

  • Student House No. 2 “Żwirek”

Location: 95/97 Żwirki i Wigury Street,02-089 Warsaw.

Prices of student rooms:

-room price: 1-person. – 604 zł/person.

– room price: 2-people – 529 zł/person.

-room price: 1-bed – 931 zł/person.

Dormitory facilities:

TV room, three quiet study rooms, room for table tennis, billiards and air hockey, 3 laundry rooms.

Room equipment:

Beds, desks, refrigerator,  closets, chairs, curtains and bedding.

  • Student House No. 3 “Kic”

Location: 9 Kickiego Street, 04-373 Warsaw.

Prices of student rooms:

9 Kickiego Street:

-room: 1-person – 600 zł/person

-room: 2-person – 480 zł/person

12 Kickiego Street:

-room: 2-person (2-bedroom segment) – 529 zł/person

-room: 1-room (segment of 2 rooms) – 736 zł/person

-room: 2-person (segment of 2 rooms) with kitchen – 546 zł/person

-room: 1-person (segment 2 pok) with kitchen – 759 zł/person

-room: 2-person (segment 1 pok.) – 575 zł/person

-room: 1-user (segment of 1 room) – 782 zł/person

-room: 2-room (segment of 1 room) with kitchen – 586 zł/person

-room: 1-person (segment of 1 room) with kitchen – 805 zł/person


Kickiego 12 Street: yes

2 rooms in a segment or one room in a segment, kitchenette with refrigerator, sink and kitchen cabinets without gas stove and oven – (gas stoves and ovens in the corridor), bathroom with shower, some rooms have two-burner induction stove

Kickiego 9 Street: no

On each floor:

Kickiego 9 Street – 2 rooms each wc (4 cabins in each room), washroom (8 sinks in each room), shower (4 cabins in each room), kitchen (4 gas stoves, 2 ovens)

Kickiego 12 Street- segments, kitchen (3 gas stoves, 2 ovens)

Dorm facilities:

Kickiego 9 Street: sports room – tennis, gym, quiet study room, laundry room;

Kickiego 12 Street: TV room, exercise room with mirrors, billiards, laundry room, quiet study room

Room equipment:

Bed, closet, cabinet, desk, chairs, refrigerator, bookcase, bedding, bowl and lamp.

  • Student House No. 4 “Zamenhof”

Location: 10A Zamenhofa Street, 00-187 Warsaw.

Prices of student rooms:

-room: 1-person. – 713 zł/person

-room: 2-people – 586 zł/person

Kitchen equipment: 

Countertop, cabinets, table, stools, sink, dish dryer, microwave, electric stove, refrigerator with freezer, kettle

Dorm facilities:

TV room, laundry room, quiet study rooms on each floor club room, conference room, billiard room table tennis room, fitness room, bike room, and storage room.

Room equipment:

Bed, bedding, closet, desk, chair, lamp.

  • Student House No. 5 “Smyczkowa”

Location: 5/7 Smyczkowa Street, 02-678 Warsaw.

Prices of student rooms:

-room: 1- person – 713 zł/person.

-room: 2- people – 552 zł/person.

-room: 2-people (segment of 1 room) – 800 zł/person.

-room: 1-person (segment of 1 room) – 950 zł/person

-room: 2-people (segment of 1 room with kitchen) – 850 zł/person

On each floor:

1 bathroom each on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors, 1 bathroom on the first floor, 1 bathroom for the disabled on the first floor, 1 bathroom in the basement

2-burner electric/ceramic stoves,

2 electric ovens (first floor and 2nd floor)

Dorm facilities:

TV room, laundry + drying room,4 quiet study rooms, bicycle room,

Room equipment:

1-person couches with mattress, closet, refrigerator, pillar cabinets, table/desk, bedding, sink, kitchen cabinets

  • Student House No. 6 “Radomska”

Location:11 Radomska Street, 02-323 Warsaw.

Prices of student rooms:

-room: 1-person. – 655 zł/person

-room: 2-people – 598 zł/person

Kitchen equipment:

 refrigerator, microwave, electric stove, kettle, countertop, cabinets, table, and sink.

Dorm facilities:

TV room, laundry rooms, quiet study rooms, billiards, ping-pong, and foosball.

Room furnishings:

Couches, bookcases, desks, and bedding.

2) SGH – public dormitory

  • Student House No. 1 “Sabinki”

Location: 147 Niepodległości Avenue

The offer includes:

-A place in a single room is the cost -780 zł per month.

 -A place in a double room is the cost- 630 zl per month.


There are two bathrooms, showers and kitchens for shared use on each floor. There is also a gym, laundry room, conference room, TV room with large TV and PS4 console, billiard room, quiet study room, fitness room, and a room for playing tennis or piano. Residents can also use a basketball and volleyball court, deck chairs, a hammock, an outdoor tennis table or a garden gazebo. It is possible to safely leave a bicycle in the bicycle room.

  • Student House No. 3 “Grosik”

Location: Madalińskiego St. 31/33 room 5 

Student House No. 3 “Grosik” in the academic year 2022/2023 is out of service due to renovation.

4) Warsaw University of Technology – public dormitory

  •   “Akademik” dormitory

Location: 5 Akademicka Street 02-038 Warsaw.


Depending on the room: 340zl-860zl/month per person.

Room description: WC and showers in the corridor, self-contained rooms mostly 2 persons about 13m2. Each 2 person room has at least 2 tables, 2 chairs, 2 hanging shelves, 1 standing, 1 large closet.

Kitchen description: One kitchen per floor, 3 stoves oven and 4 burners each.

Bathroom description: Co-educational. An average of 8 shower stalls and 12 toilets per floor.

  • “Babilon” dormitory


Depending on the room: 390-735 PLN/month per person.

Location: 12/16 Kopińska Street, 02-321 Warsaw, Poland

Room types:

The rooms have beds (single or bunk beds), closets, bookcases, desks, chairs, and sometimes a table. Single rooms are about 7-10m2. Double rooms are about 12-15m2. Rooms for 3 people are about 20m2.

  • “Bratniak -Muszelka” dormitory 


Depending on the room: 430- 615zl/month per person.

Location: Grójecka Street 39 02-031 Warsaw

Room description:

In the Bratniak dormitory, the housing is barracks-style, and the most common rooms are double and triple. The rooms include desks with lamps, beds, closets, sinks with mirrors, and refrigerators with freezers.

In the Muszelka dormitory, the housing is mostly segmented + single rooms are self-contained. The segments include double rooms as well as single rooms. The segment includes a kitchenette with a sink and refrigerator, and shower. 

  • “Mikrus” dormitory 


Depending on the room: 460-690zl/month per person. 

Location: Ludwika Waryńskiego 10, 00-631 Warsaw

Room descriptions:

The rooms are of considerable size, the furnishings of which consist of a bunk bed, a refrigerator, a sink, a wastebasket, a mirror, a cosmetics shelf, a vanity cabinet, two desks, a table, a closet and a considerable number of closets.

  •  ” Pineska-Tulipan” dormitory


Depending on the room 450 – 700zl/month per person.

Location: 5 Uniwersytecka St., 02-036 Warsaw

Room description:

In the Tulipan dormitory, the development is segmented, most often there are two rooms in the segment one single room, the other double. In the segment there is a refrigerator, sink, cabinets where you can store kitchen things, countertop, and coat rack, there is a bathroom with a shower and sink. The rooms are rented with a closet, bed, desk, chair and cabinet

  • “Riviera” dormitory 


Depending on the room: 460zl- 690zl/month per person.

Location: 12 Ludwika Waryńskiego Street, 00-631 Warsaw.

Room description:

In the Riviera dormitory, you will find segments (rooms 3+kitchenette+3) and double rooms. In both rooms you will find closets, desks, shelves, and refrigerators; in the segmented kitchenette, you will additionally find a table and benches for sitting.

  • “Tatrzanska” dormitory


Depending on the room: 530-800zl/month per person.

Location: 7A Tatrzanska St., 00-742 Warsaw

Room description:

In the Tatrzanska dormitory, there are 2-person rooms in segments of two. Less common are single rooms in segments or stand-alone single rooms. Tatrzanska is the only dormitory that provides rooms adapted for people with disabilities.

  • “Ustronie” dormitory


Depending on the room: 390-520zl/month per person.

Location: 39 Prince Janusz Street, 01-452 Warsaw.

Room description:

All rooms are double separate. Standard equipment: two beds, two desks, two chairs, 2/3 closets, kitchenette with refrigerator, sink, and cabinet.

“Wcześniak” dormitory


Depending on the room: 330-442zl/month per person.

Location: 5 Dobrzyńska St., 09-400 Plock

Room description:

In the “Wrzesniak” dormitory there are segments, in one segment there are four double rooms (squares or rectangles).

Each segment is equipped with a common refrigerator, two washbasins, a shower and a toilet.

Furnishings of double rooms: a window with a curtain and two curtains, a built-in closet with shelves, two bookcases, two single couches, a table, two chairs, two pillows, two quilts, and a comforter cover.

   In summary, in public dormitories, room furnishings are heavily basic – including a bed, desk and chair, and a shared closet. There is a lack of additional space for oneself, and some of the furniture needs renovation. The standard of the room is not very high. Compared to a private dormitory, it is severely understated. 

In public dorms, bathrooms and kitchens are for shared use. It should be taken into account that with a large number of residents, keeping tidiness in these areas can be problematic. There is a lack of common areas and places suitable for quiet study. Usually, you won’t find a gym or other facilities here either. 

As for the atmosphere, it strongly depends on the roommate you have. He or she is usually assigned randomly to each room. In this situation, if you end up with a person with strong opposites, you may end up with a big disagreement between you two. This site, however, also has its pluses, when you get assigned a person that agrees with your character, you can count on a new best friend. It is also worth remembering that when sharing space with another person, you should follow certain rules of good manners.

A big advantage of the public dormitories is the low price and location, most of them are located in an area 10-15min walk from the main university building. 

Security at the dormitories is at a good level, with a doorman at the entrance who verifies the identity of the students, so you can have the comfort that no outsider can enter.

Are you looking for an ideal room in Warsaw for yourself? Find an offer that perfectly suits your requirements!

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