Erasmus Story – Bruna Gomes

My name is bruna gomes. I am 19 nineteen years old and come from Lisbon, Portugal. I studied in Poland for one semester at Collegium Civitas.

Honestly, my first option was not Poland but Spain. Today I am so happy about this fate otherwise I would not learn as much as I did in Warsaw. Portugal and Spain are similar countries (similar languages, weather, and cities…) and with this cultural difference that I witnessed in Poland, I grew up and learned more things about a totally different country.

“By the way, I saw snow for the first time in my life and it was crazy!”

I am from Portugal and in my country never snows (except in Serra da Estrela, the highest mountain in Portugal), so I saw snow for the first time in my life.I have to admit that at the beginning it was incredible but after a few weeks, I missed the good weather in my country. I was also surprised by the beauty of Polish cities. Although Poland is not the most tourist place in Europe, the Polish cities are really gorgeous. There is no doubt that Polish cities are different compared to southern cities (like in Portugal, Spain, or Italy) but they are equally beautiful. During my Erasmus program, I had a chance to visit Krakow.

I think the craziest experience that I had during my exchange was a tram party in this city. ESN (Erasmus Students Network) organized a two days trip in Krakow and that party was included in the plan. The craziest part about this story was the fact that the tram was actually moving and we could dance and drink while people outside were smiling and looking at us.

What are your food/drinks recommendations in Poland?

Thinking of Polish food/drinks, pierogi, and vodka are the classic ones. Pierogi is a quite simple dish but it’s very tasty.

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