Best Places To Eat Mexican Food In Warsaw

Hola amigos! Erasmus’s semester is getting warmer as we approach April. So it’s time for something out of routine. Cancel your McDonald’s plans and get ready for different cuisines! Do you feel like enjoying tacos? Or burrito? How about tapas? Maybe lots of Margaritas with friends sounds better! If you are thinking “I wish I knew all the good places to get Mexican food in Warsaw, so I could go with my friends tonight!”. Then you are in the right place.

Dos Tacos
This one is the most authentic Mexican restaurant in Warsaw. According to the stories, the owner is Polish and he’s married to a Mexican. Therefore, the authentic delicious food’s secret is the Mexican girl’s mom. Sounds like a TV show pilot but that’s how it is! Take a look at their menu and see if you can handle this deliciousness. They also have live music on Fridays, in Spanish!

Address: Jasna 22

Gringo Bar Burritos Tacos & More
If the first restaurant sounds a bit intimidating with all the authentic atmosphere and live music, then you should try Gringo. A casual place with good homemade burritos and tacos! They also have vegetarian and vegan fillings for tacos! Don’t forget to try chili con carne burrito.

Address: Odolańska 15

La Sirena
The Mexican fondue is a must at this place! They have great cocktails and a cozy atmosphere is a plus. So, all the single Erasmus students out there, what are you waiting for? Ask your crush out and have a date night because this place is perfect for romantic dinners. Book your table in advance though; one of the reasons why the place is cozy is because there are a few tables there.

Address: Piękna 54

You can drink the best strawberry margarita in the city here! Also for the people who can’t handle too much spiciness, you can choose how spicy you want your fajitas. Their menu is at an affordable price range; in addition, they have a nice garden outside.

Address: Nowy Świat 34

El Popo
This is another good Mexican place for the atmosphere! They have beautiful interior design and amazing Mexican live music sessions on Fridays.

Address: Senatorska 27

Spicy All The Way
Wow… Who knew an article can make you hungry? You do not need to wait until dinner time to taste delicious tacos and burritos. Skip ordering fast food tonight and get yourself a chance to taste real Mexican food!

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