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Five Best Reasons To Procrastinate

“I am very busy doing things I do not need to do in order to avoid doing anything I am actually supposed to be doing”. Familiar?

Procrastinating, or, in other words, avoiding/postponing the tasks due, has always been perceived negatively. People do emphasize that it is better to fulfill all the responsibilities and assignments first and only then to have a rest or time for relaxing. Yet, it may be firstly surprising, but apparently, procrastination can be a useful thing to practice. Therefore, drop the idea of looking for ways to stop procrastinating, because sometimes it may help you to deliver the results efficiently!

Are your parents or friends torturing you with the “get things done” phrase? Then this list of best excuses for procrastination is for you!


By postponing the task, sometimes, you may get a chance to look at it from a different perspective and perhaps, the task may appear not necessary at all. Procrastination gives you some time to reevaluate the importance of the task and in the end, you may not even remember why it is on your list!


“This is just absolute nonsense!”, you would say. Well, yes, it sounds weird that you are still working on the tasks while procrastinating. Yet, if you are an active procrastinator, this excuse will work! Let’s make things clear; there are two kinds of procrastination, which do differ. A passive procrastinator can be also perceived as a couch potato; this is the person who avoids the tasks by watching  TV and chatting on Facebook instead, for example. In contrast, active procrastinators are getting done other important tasks instead of doing the one which is due. Therefore, you can do homework for another class, clean the room, go for groceries, or make dinner. 


This excuse may work for you the best if your assignment due requires some creativity and uniqueness. Procrastination will help you to get inspired and more motivated by the things you do instead of fulfilling the main task.

There was one research conducted where two groups of people were given the same assignment and deadline (21 days). The first group was asked to work on their project every day and deliver it as soon as possible; therefore, their project was delivered 5 days before the deadline. The second group was asked to do the project at its own pace; then, the project was delivered right on the deadline day. Yet, even though the first group worked on its project every day and delivered it sooner than the second group, it was not approved. Surprisingly, the second group of people who procrastinated most of the time, managed to deliver the project, which was more creative and original that the first group’s.


One of the unconscious reasons for procrastination is not because you are lazy or just do not want to start doing it; sometimes, the reason is your inability to complete the task well. In other words, you take some more time to think through how exactly you will accomplish the task or what decision to make. Most of the time, procrastinators make better decisions because during the procrastination they have a chance to give it a second thought to make sure how to act the best.


Procrastination allows you to discuss your ideas with people, get feedback, or even take into consideration other alternatives of how to fulfill the task. Sometimes, it may be important to listen to other people’s opinions and insights; it will help you to look at your assignment differently. For making a great decision or delivering the task efficiently, it is useful to think of other alternatives and choices. Getting things done in a rush may be not the best choice!

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