5 Things For Students To Do On Their Own In Warsaw

When you feel like socializing with others and spending time in a company, you like to hang out with friends and have fun. Other times, you just want to enjoy calm moments alone. If you are wondering what kind of activities you can do by yourself in Poland, here are a few ideas.


Poland counts a very big number of parks and forests in each of its cities. When there is so much buzz about Warsaw pubs, restaurants, and attractions, people do not get to know that Warsaw also has amazing parks, which look amazing all seasons. How great it is to put headphones on with your favorite music and have a long walk by the green surfaces.

Once you get tired, now that the weather is warm and the sun shines bright in the sky, you can even lie on the grass and sunbathe. Warsaw parks are also amazing places for meditation sessions and yoga. If you still did not visit  Lazienki Park, apparently this is a perfect time to go and discover Chopin music thanks to the many
Chopin concerts are played from 1 week until the end of summer there.


To know more about Poland, visiting museums is a necessity! Those beautiful places with help you to learn about the country’s history and culture. You probably think that it is also good to go there with friends. Yet, if you go alone, you will focus on the information that is provided by the guide and learn better. If you are looking for a free entry, you should check out this article.


It is a very popular thing to do in Poland. Even many cafés were customized to it. They are often cozy and comfortable seats are at the disposal of customers. The good news is that coffee is not that expensive in Poland, so even students can afford to go to cafès.  If you are looking for good quality coffee and a quiet place, you should go to Nero caffè or Costa Coffee. These 2 chains are attracting young people and are offering very nice interiors and free
wifi for customers.


Instead of walking through the city, you can discover it from another angle using a bicycle that you can rent for a very low price. Poland has also a multitude of rivers and lakes; therefore, you can find many places where you can rent kayaks and explore new places. If you are not into kayaking, you can go hiking as Poland offers a great environment for that and you can enjoy some gorgeous landscapes.


Live music is nothing compared to the one you hear in your headphones or audio player. Warsaw has so many places, which have live gigs. Decided to go? Here is the article, which will help you to find one!

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