Nightlife In Warsaw: Swietokrzyska

So your friends keep telling you “I was at Sketch last night…”, “Aioli was packed again!”, “ I tried Harry Potter at Czupito… Don’t laugh! It is the name of the shot.”  If you have no idea what they are talking about, you just got lucky! It’s time to learn about Swietokrzyska – a popular night-out area in Warsaw.

Everyone Knows It’s Good: AIOLI

It’s never a good idea to start a night out on an empty stomach. So, before starting a fun journey through Swietokrzyska, go for one of the most popular restaurants in this area: Aioli. There’s always a happy and chatty crowd inside. Make yourself at home and enjoy the delicious food the place offers. Just ate before leaving the house? Then order a drink from the bar they got. Cool interior design and music is the bonus of this place (menu).

Mazowiecka Is The Way To Go!

The most important place you need to know, if you are at Swietokrzyska, is Mazowiecka Street. Every Friday and Saturday night, young residents of Warsaw are flocking to this street because it has a lot to offer. Whether you want to grab some craft beer with friends or want to go a bit wilder and go clubbing. Maybe both!

Just a couple of steps into the street and Piwpaw Craft Beer Heaven will welcome you. Wooden cozy tables are perfect for long conversations…And pay attention to the walls because they are full of bottle caps. You can try so many different types of delicious craft beer in small glasses before ordering your choice. If you like sweet flavors, don’t skip the strawberry beer.

Next, to craft beer heaven, you’ll see another heaven, but this time heaven of shots. Czupito is a super creative shots bar because they name their shots with ingenious names. Harry Potter, American Pie, Godfather, Speedy Gonzales, Carpe Diem, and many more interesting ones, which are difficult to name here for obvious reasons… You will definitely love these shots!

Enough Pre-drinks, Let’s Dance!

After drinking your shots and feeling a bit less cold, it is time for Newonce.Bar! Everyone knows somehow! The chances of meeting people you know are pretty high. There’s always a DJ performing and the place itself is fun and classy at the same time. Sometimes they open up a space for dancing in front of the bar on the weekends. Make no mistake, it’s not your typical student bar.

What about partying and clubbing? Mazowiecka Street hands you your solution right after leaving Funky Jim. It’s easy to find Sketch Nite because there are always queues in front of this club. Don’t let it scare you. If you are patient enough and have friends to chat with, you don’t even realize how time flies. After all, Sketch is not one of the most popular clubs in Warsaw for no reason.

Depending on the time when you are ready to call it a night/morning, get some food before heading back home. Because let’s be honest, no one wants to cook after all that dancing! Your best bet is to stop for a quick sandwich by Subway, which is open 24/7. It will be great sitting with your friends for reminiscing about the events of the night (or for holding your best friend when she starts to doze off). No matter which venue you choose to go to, have the best of your time during your Erasmus!

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