Public Transport In Warsaw

Have you wondered how much time will it take to get from your new apartment to your university? How to come back at night from the party or simply how to move around Warsaw in the fastest way? Another question is how much money will you need to spend on public transport monthly? This post will give you all the answers and a good overview of the topic of public transport in Warsaw which is considered one of the best and most modern in Europe!


Warsaw has currently 2 metro lines connecting the north and south of the city, as well as both sides of the river. The metro operates from 5am until 1am from Sunday to Thursday. On Friday and Saturday, the metro works from 5am until 3am. Do not worry! The bus and tram infrastructure is much more developed and offers many lines and good connections during the day and night.

Planning your journey

To find connections we recommend using google maps, which provides with good timetables and connections. However, the most reliable public transport journey planner is Jakdojade which will guide you through the city! Get the app on your mobile and check public transport timetables, find stops, and plan your optimal journey.


The best way to buy a ticket is to find a ticket machine or newsagent (you can find the nearest point of sale on ZTM website). However, in most cases, you can buy a ticket on the bus or tram. Remember to validate your ticket!

Single fare transfer normal ticket costs 4,4 PLN, if you are planning to travel more, it is better to buy a one-day ticket for 15 PLN. Then, you can use buses, trams, and underground as many times as you want to during 24 hours.

Important: If you are a student you can take advantage of a 50% discount! Remember to show your Student ID or ISIC card to the controller.

The best deal for students staying in Warsaw for more than one month is to buy long-term tickets. A 30-day personal ticket for a student costs 55 PLN (about 13 euros), while buying a 90-day personal ticket you will spend 140 PLN (about 33 euros).

30-day and 90-day personal passes can be coded only on personalized Warsaw City cards. To receive a personal Warsaw City Card all you need to do is to complete an online application. The waiting time for issuing the card is approximately 4 business days. Just complete it on ZTM website before your departure and pick it up in one of the ZTM offices at your arrival.

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