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Why Should You Pursue Your Higher Studies In Poland?

Are you still deciding whether or not you should continue your studies in Poland? Continue reading this article to find out what are the benefits of studying in Poland.

Choosing the best country and university for your higher studies is extremely important nowadays The potential student needs to take into consideration certain factors such as the course they are interested in, the reputation of the university, the country, and other financial factors. Below you can find a few of the benefits of pursuing your higher studies in Poland.


Poland is very popular when it comes to higher education, this is because Poland approximately has 450 higher education institutions and the majority of the best universities in Poland offer education in English which is very essential nowadays since a lot of students are coming from all over the world to study in Poland. The student can decide to specialize in diverse areas of studies since one can find specialized universities that offer medical education, agricultural education, technical education, economic education, and lastly education in Music and fine arts. 

One fact that students should keep in mind is that since Poland is part of the European Union, diplomas and degrees issued in Poland are widely recognized and appreciated by other European countries, this means that if you decide to move to another European country and find a career there, it would not be as hard as you think in finding the job you desire in the future.


It is determined that the average cost of studying in Poland is two times lower than in other Western European countries or Nordic countries. The leading cause of this is that in Poland they do not earn as much like other countries do but then again their living costs are so much cheaper and can be afforded by the majority of individuals. It is not a secret that the majority of students do not have as much money as other individuals who work a full-time job do,  so that is why they should definitely think about Poland when it comes to making the decision of choosing a university and a country where they would not have to struggle to manage their finances in the best way possible. It is highly recommended that the student considers well the expenses of the place they will be studying in, the price of the accommodation you choose will mostly depend on the location you choose if you choose to stay a few minutes from the city center then most probably you will be asked to pay a higher price then if you choose to stay in a location which is not that near the city center. It is very important that upon deciding where you want to go, you do your research well to have an idea of how much you will be spending on a day-to-day basis and like this, you would be able to know if you can afford to go study abroad or not.


If you are a person who is interested in history, then you should definitely go to Poland as it is very well known for having so much history to offer. Mostly, in all of the Polish cities, one can find different landmarks such as old town squares, different churches, and castles to visit. Additionally, there is also a number of modern buildings which can mostly be found in Poland’s capital – Warsaw, and in other cities such as Katowice.


Currently, Poland is very popular in having students whilst also international students thus this will make it easier for you to make friends much more easily as you would be spending most of your time with people your age and with people who you can relate to. Going to concerts now would be so much better than attending concerts in the past and this is because Poland did not have as many students living there as they do now. Another benefit is that the different Polish cities offer a variety of places of interest that you can visit such as pubs, clubs, and restaurants that you definitely should not miss out on.

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