50 Things You Might Never Try In Your Life

Do You Want Your Every Day to Be Memorable? Then Challenge Yourself To Do One New Thing Every Day And  Your Life May Turn Out To Be Different.

  1. Fall asleep under the stars
  2. Explore neighboring cities alone
  3. Turn off your mobile phone for a day
  4. Climb up a tree
  5. Plant a tree
  6. Go to, a dancing class
  7. Stay under the waterfall
  8. Spend the whole day with a book
  9. Play a prank on your friend
  10. Run a marathon
  11. Donate anonymously
  12. Learn snowboarding, skiing, or surfing
  13. Start doing yoga
  14. Give away your food to a homeless person
  15. Take part in a flashmob
  16. Ride a camel or elephant
  17. Volunteer
  18. Climb a mountain
  19. Learn foreign language
  20. Swim in winter
  21. Dye your hair
  22. Get a pet
  23. Taste alive food
  24. Walk when it’s raining
  25. Eat too much strawberry so you can barely breath
  26. Do not sleep the whole night
  27. Hug a person you do not know
  28. Grow a cactus
  29. Win  a staring contest
  30. Go camping and sleep in a tent
  31. Make a cake yourself
  32. Go for the Erasmus program
  33. Make a sand castle
  34. Go to the concert of your favorite band
  35. Share a secret with someone
  36. Speak with foreigner
  37. Do not lie for a day
  38. Draw a painting
  39. Go for a run in the forest
  40. Communicate with someone via paper letter
  41. Look at something under a microscope
  42. Play with a kite
  43. Learn to write with both hands
  44. Spend a night on the roof
  45. Renovate your room/house yourself
  46. Teach someone what you have mastered
  47. Watch nostalgic movies the whole day
  48. Give up a bad habit
  49. Swim with dolphins/turtles
  50. Become a vegetarian for a month

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