Rent A City Bike And Go On A Tour Around Warsaw!

Are you tired of getting stuck in traffic while getting to your university in Poland? Or do you just enjoy cycling now because it’s sunny and warmer outside? We have good news! You don’t need to own a bike to enjoy riding it 🙂

The city of Warsaw is most of the time crowded, especially during rush hours. In order to commute faster to your destination and also to reduce pollution, it may be better to use public bikes. Luckily, there is a company called Veturilo from where you can rent bikes for very low prices. Their stations are everywhere in the city and the concept is simple:

1)  Register on the website, which has an English version, and pay a minimal price of 30zl (this is the minimum amount you need to have on your account to use the bike)

2) Receive a pin code, which you have to save (you will use it every time when renting a bike)
3) When you want to rent a bike, you press the button “Rental/Return” on the terminal of the station and follow the instructions on the screen to have a bike unblocked.

Use the Vertiulio app and ride the first 20min for free!

You can download the Veturilo application on your phone for a faster rental process without using the terminal. Just by scanning the QR code of the bike using the app, you can unblock it and use it.

The bikes are available in these stations 24/7. The first 20 minutes are free! Therefore, what many students do, in order not to pay, is that they change the stations every 20 minutes! If you have a bike for more than 20 minutes, then the fares are:

  • For the first hour:1z
  • For the second hour: 3zl,
  • For the third hour: 5zl and for every additional hour is 2zl more.

*Remember to have a minimum of 30zl on your account, in order to rent the bike!

If your Erasmus flat is not far from the university, a bicycle can be a great idea to commute 🙂

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