Useful Apps During Erasmus Semester In Poland

Have you already packed your luggage, booked the flight, and got all the essentials for your Erasmus journey? Yet, have you ever thought about your phone or, to be more precise, apps on your phone? Let’s be honest, we all survive day to day with the help of our smartphones. Jokes aside, we can definitely live without them even though it would be a big challenge. Your smart friend does help you a lot while you are living in a new country, far away from your house. Your parents probably would freak out on the second day of your no-phone challenge. That is why let’s get back to the importance of apps on your phone. Aside from posting lots of pictures on social media during your Erasmus program in Poland, you will be using different apps for guidance and fun. Get ready to open your app store, because there are some downloads to be done!

1. Jakdojade

Before you start rebelling with lines like “What? But we already have google maps!” Unfortunately, google maps do not have such an accurate public transportation schedule as Jakdojade. This application is really easy to use and also gives you a couple more alternatives for your route if you are already late for the first option suggested! It tells what kind of transport to take and what kinds of tickets to buy!  These will be your best friends when traveling around Poland or while commuting to your Erasmus University! It is definitely a MUST-HAVE!

2. Going.
This is a gem no one will ever tell you about! Going. is the best app for events in Poland not only for Erasmus students but for locals as well. Of course, you can check out the events on Facebook but this app has filters, which will show you exactly what you want in a second. The app is in Polish language but it’s easy to understand how it works. This is also another good way to practice your Polish! All you need to do is to choose the city you are in and tap on the type of events. Words you must know:

“Impreza” means party and “Koncert” is (no kidding?) concert. You can also search for plays, meetings, exhibitions, festivals, food events, workshops, and others. Cool, isn’t it?

3. Uber

One word: essential. It is always a good idea to have a PLAN B while catching the bus after the party: you must have Uber on your phone! It is cheaper than the regular taxi for sure and will help you save some of your student budget. You don’t need to have the power of prediction to know that you’ll go to lots of Erasmus parties and will have no public transportation at 3 a.m. Think ahead and download Uber next time before you go out. It’s simple and safe.

4. Bolt

It is another transport guide application, which is similar to Uber. You can make your payments both with credit cards and cash. It can be a good alternative to have it on your phone in case you need to pay your ride in cash.

5. Foursquare
Wherever you go, this will be your other favorite app. You can discover so many different restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and clubs near you. You can read the reviews, see which places are trending at the moment, and find the popular places in the city.

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