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Districts In Warsaw

Warsaw is divided into 18 districts, each one with its own administrative body, covering nearly 517 square kilometers. It might be a headache to get from one side of the city to another. In this post, we describe the most important and popular of them to help you in choosing the best flat location during […]

Top 5 Places To See In Poland

Most of you don’t expect any spectacular places in Poland, however, it has many to offer. You can find something amazing in every part of the country, so we encourage you to travel through Poland to see the diversity of nature and culture. 5. Wawel Castle If you would like to enrich your knowledge of […]

10 Polish Sweets You Have To Try!

POLISH SWEETS AND DESSERTS Polish cuisine is known for its meaty and savory dishes in big portions. Nevertheless, a real Pole always has a room for Polish desserts and Polish sweets after having a 2-course meal! Polish candies and cakes are so delicious that it makes impossible to say no to them… Pepe Housing would […]

University Guide: Wroclaw University Of Science And Technology

Welcome to Wrocław University of Science and Technology! Get to know more about its campus, university community, location, and best accommodation offers around the institution. Wroclaw University of Science and Technology  is one of the largest academic schools in Poland and provides education to 34,046 students. The institution has been operating since 1945 and currently […]

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